3 reasons you’ll love a new Integral bifold

If you’ve been wondering whether to take the plunge and invest in a new bifolding door, we say go for it. There isn’t anything quite like a bifolding door for transforming the appearance of your home. Time and again, we’ve heard homeowners say how thrilled they are with Integral, but if you still need convincing, we’ve got 3 more brilliant reasons why you’ll love an Integral bifold.

1 – Integral is designed to match your windows and doors

Some bifolding doors, with their standard painted finishes and square aluminium sections, look out of place in homes where there’s PVC-U glazing. Not Integral. That’s because although Integral uses aluminium sections for strength, it’s glazed with PVC-U beads which match the shapes of other window and door systems. With bevelled and sculptured options, your Integral bifold will blend in perfectly, and because there’s a choice of up to 28 different foiled finishes for Integral as well as powder coated finishes, you won’t have to worry about getting the colours you want.

2 – Integral is secure, robust and reliable

The Integral bifold has undergone a long period of development. It’s been tested, refined and proven to be safe, secure, easy to operate and trouble free. It incorporates advanced locking systems and robust shootbolts for high security, but it’s still a door that’s simple to open. From the purpose made stainless steel tracks to the roller system and the wiper brushes that resist debris build-up, every component has been carefully selected. And because hinges are one of the most critical parts of a bifolding door’s features, Integral boasts double hinge fixings for long-term performance.

3 – Integral will help you love your home

That’s a bold claim, but with a bifolding door, you’ll make that magical indoor/outdoor connection and your home will have lots more natural light which is essential for your wellbeing. The bright space you’ll enjoy indoors will be great for your mood and you won’t be constantly relying on artificial lighting in the winter. What’s more, because Integral has been designed to maximise the glass to frame ratio, you’ll enjoy the best possible views of the world outside while you’re warm and snug indoors.
Integral is a fantastic mix of the stylish and the practical. It looks brilliant alongside your windows and doors. It’s reliable, robust, secure and a joy to live with. Even better, it’s been designed to be a doddle to install, so it’s perfect when your home’s ready for an amazing transformation.

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