The bi-fold door that brings everything together

One thing we know: eclectic tastes are one thing when talking about music, but something entirely different when talking about property. A person might enjoy both jazz and heavy metal but suggest they have a different style of window on every aspect of their house and they’ll soon be looking for an alternative supplier.

Consistency in style matters. It matters so much to people that it’s been stopping people getting on with transforming their homes. Yes, they know a bi-folding door has the capacity to change the way they live and entertain. They know bi-folds can make homes lighter, more attractive – more saleable even – but they put off the projects for one simple reason. Aluminium bi-folds don’t look right alongside their existing PVC-U windows and doors.

As PVC-U experts, it’s not something we want to shout about, but aluminium really is a great material for the sashes of a bi-folding door. Its lightweight strength can’t be beaten, but the aesthetic can be a touch industrial. For ultra-modern homes with a streamlined minimalist style, it can work, but few of us live in homes like that. The question had to be asked – why can’t we enjoy the benefits of a bi-folding door without compromising on our home’s appearance?

Niggling questions like that need answers, and we’ve developed one. Our new bi-fold system combines aluminium sashes and PVC-U beads to deliver doors that are a perfect match for popular, practical and cost-effective PVC-U windows.

Adding a PVC-U bead to an aluminium bi-folding door may sound counterintuitive, but it’s a very smart idea. Not only does it allow a great match between the profile shape of windows and doors, it also offers better thermal insulation and more options for glazing. Then, because our aluminium bi-folds can be finished in the same extensive range of colours as our windows, there’s no need to have a bi-folding door that looks like an afterthought or, worse still, sticks out like a sore thumb.

Turning an idea from a theoretical possibility into an exceptional product has taken some time, but then we’ve been determined to ensure that everything about this bi-folding door is spot on, including the door’s insulating performance. Our bi-fold system is built from aluminium sections thermally broken with a polyamide-based and glass-fibre reinforced material which offers improved thermal separation. And we’ve made sure that our PVC-U beads can accommodate a full range of glazing widths, from 24mm up to and including a 44mm triple-glazed option.

It really is a case of a door for all properties. An almost endless choice of possible configurations, inwards and outwards opening styles and a maximum span width of 6.3 metres. These bi-folds can accommodate chamfered or sculptured beads and there’s also a smart, square aluminium bead. Of course, we’ve packed in the latest security systems and everything is PAS 24 accredited and fully compliant with Building Regulations.

It’s not just a door for all properties, it’s a door for all people too, for homeowners definitely, but installers and fabricators will love working with great design and engineering which delivers long life, high performance and trouble-free operation.

No one should be expected to compromise on the fine details of their home’s appearance, but refusing to accept compromise is often the first step to an improved way of doing things. Aluminium and PVC-U are both great materials. Put them together, and the result is a door that’s in a different league.

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