Put Integral Bifolds “Centre Stage” for Halloween

It’s that time of year again – Halloween, a wonderful celebration of all things scary. Witches and ghouls, zombies and skeletons are getting ready to come out of the darkness and do the spooky stuff! It’s an excuse for dressing up, for throwing a party and transforming your home into a creepy, haunted house.

Decorating bifolding doors

One of the simplest ways to build that creepy atmosphere is by decorating your bifolding doors. The large expanse of glass is perfect bridging the gap between the ‘safe’ indoors and the pitch dark of the night. If you’ve got lighting outside or can pop some lanterns into the garden, a few silhouettes cut from dark paper and stuck onto the glass will cast shadows indoors and out. Simple shapes are spiders, skulls and bats, witches’ hats and broomsticks – get the kids on the case. If you’re feeling more creative, there are plenty of templates on the web: monsters, ghosts, looming vampires, black cats and grinning jack-o-lantern shapes.

When you’re decorating, keep one thing in mind. You may want to let the party spill out onto the patio. If you decorate each pane separately and make sure your ideas don’t stand proud of the frame, you’ll have no trouble opening up. Of course, if there’s a zombie apocalypse in your neighbourhood, you’ll appreciate the security that’s built into Integral’s design. Stay safe inside while the undead lurch about your garden!

Don’t forget the outdoors

Because bifolding doors give you such a clear view of the outside, Halloween’s a great time to make the most of decorative lighting. Carve your pumpkins, set them outside, and you’ll enjoy the warm orangey glow while you’re cosy indoors. String Halloween themed fairy lights through a tree, but don’t stop with lighting. A white cloth draped over a balloon and suspended from a tree makes a great ghost. Swathe a trellis with spider webs. Cut bat shapes from black paper and hang them from branches. The slightest breeze and they’ll be ready to fly.

Now, your creepy castle is ready to welcome all those dark spirits, but we think you’ll find a few trick-or-treaters headed to your door too. Luckily, with an Integral bifolding door, with its easy-open access door, you’ll have no trouble handing out all the goodies.

Integral bifolds are an investment in your home you can enjoy all year round. Great for entertaining, they’re practical every day – not just at Halloween.

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