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When we developed Integral, energy efficiency was one of our main priorities.

We wanted to be sure that we wouldn’t simply be offering a more stylish home and were determined to ensure comfort was part of the overall package, and we’ve done it.

We’ve produced a bifolding door with superb components, each designed to contribute to your home’s insulation.

  • Effective, polyamide thermal breaks in our aluminium sections

  • PVC-U hardware ‘nests’ to minimise heat loss through locks and hinges

  • TPE gaskets for excellent seal and long-term reliability

  • Draughtproof seals between each folding leaf

  • Compatible with both double and triple glazing


The actual performance of a bifolding door depends upon its configuration and the width and make-up of the glazing unit. Low-emissivity glass can help to keep heat in your home, but if, for example, your home is south facing, you might want to choose solar-control glass which can help to prevent overheating in the summer months. Insulation is measured using U-values and Integral has been shown capable of a U-value as low as 1.1W/m2K.


Integral bifolds are designed to withstand onslaughts by the weather and are proven in water ingress and air permeability tests to 300 Pascals. A combination of seals, glazing gaskets and precision manufacturing keeps your home comfortable and dry.


To ensure adequate ventilation and to meet Building Regulations, we can incorporate unobtrusive trickle vents which help to manage condensation in well-insulated homes.